What are the calculators?

The first is a mortgage calculator. By entering details about how much you want to borrow and the interest rate, you can find out what your weekly repayments would be.

The second is an investment calculator. Enter details about the property you wish to purchase, including rental income and maintenance costs, etc., and you can find out what the return on your investment would be.

Where do the interest rates come from?

The interest rates come from the websites of the banks and lending institutions. They are regularly updated by the Viho Team.

Where does my information go?

Viho sends your information to a completely secure administration platform where your details will be reviewed by a member of the Viho Team. We’ll find the right mortgage adviser for your needs and they’ll contact you to answer your queries and/or complete the application process.

What are the benefits of Viho?

Viho is a handy tool for NZ home buyers and investors. With Viho, you can:

  • Calculate mortgage payments on the go, so you know instantly what you can afford.
  • Work out investment returns with the Viho investment calculator (the first of its kind in NZ).
  • Use Viho Scenarios to compare different properties – or different repayment strategies.
  • Instantly check the latest interest rates from all the major New Zealand banks and lenders.
  • Get the latest market updates and real estate news, so you can make informed decisions.
  • Quickly and easily contact a real-life mortgage adviser, streamlining the application process.

Do you do a credit check when I submit an enquiry with Viho?

No, we do not perform any credit checks when you submit your enquiry with Viho. When you are assigned a mortgage adviser, he or she will contact you and discuss the next steps – including any credit checks required.

Can Viho help me with insurance?

If your enquiry is related to advice on insurance, the Viho Team will direct your enquiry to a professional insurance adviser in your area. They will contact you to answer your questions.